Today, Polygel is a fast growing diversified business. It offers over 40 specialty and performance chemicals, including a wide range of Organic Titanates, Zirconates, Phosphates and Calcium-Zinc Compounds (Organometallic Chemicals), for applications such as catalysts for polymer industries, printing inks, paints and coating industries, polymer compounding, glass coatings, emission control, oleochemicals, oil fraccing, Adhesives and Sealants, Construction Chemicals, Textures and Coatings for infrastructure and buildings, automotive and engineering, furniture and joinery, footwear, foam and furnishing industries.

Scottguard, Polygel’s range of construction chemicals, are widely preferred by the Ready-Mix Concrete Industry for (Admixtures) and for Waterproofing , Construction Chemicals, Textures and Paints, Plasters and Putties by Developers, Builders and Large Infrastructure Contractors and the Retail Trade. Our Flagship Brand, Scott No. 1 has a proven track record since 1956 for Waterproofing solutions and have been used in Prestigious Dams & Irrigation projects all across the country . Polygel’s Admixtures under the Brand Name “Powercrete” and “Plaxem” is widely being used in various Infrastructure Projects across the country like Metro Railways, Airports, Elevated Roads, Flyovers, Bridges & Highways by large Contractors .

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