One of the problems a building or any structure may encounter during its Lifetime is water leaking. Although there may be a couple of reasons that this may happen, it could have been avoided if it were carefully planned

by the architects And the architectural detailers during the early stages of the design. The one company Which pays due consideration to this problem is STP Limited. A company which established its name in providing waterproofing solution, corrosion protection and Epoxy flooring, its staggering array of roofing systems provides building owners, architects and applicators several options to make waterproof building.

EPDM Roofing systems are ideal to use in regions with mild to extreme cold temperature Conditions. While TPO roof systems are favorable in regions with mild to extremely hot Temperature conditions. PVC roofing systems has the qualities of cool roof and Fleece BACK membranes are the ideal choice for buildings that require superior rooftop Protection and long-term durability. For the detailed information about the benefits and features of these roofing systems.

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