To stand out as a body to continuously impart awareness among construction chemicals manufactures and to maintain high standards and business ethics in manufacture and the services provided for the benefit of end users. Through continuous education programmers by mean  of training and upgrading the skills of personnel by organizing workshops conferences, lecture seminars , disseminating information through periodicals or journals books institution of scholarship, fellowships, awards, and encouraging research studies, in the field of construction .

MCCOY Soudal 

To be a constructive forum to communicate with Governmental agency/ association chambers of commerce and other commercial industrial and public bodies within or outside India to promote the objective of the association .

Master Builders

To educate and spread awareness to the members to through seminars meeting get together execution etc. on provision of various central and state enactments and their amendments. To promote and also to accelerate the growth of the construction chemicals industry in India by collecting and disseminating statistical and technical information and creating awareness to maintain high standards amongst users.