Provide a forum for construction chemicals manufacturers in India and promote the interest of its members in relation to Commerce
and Industry in India. In particular, identify and discuss common problems facing the construction chemicals industry to
arrive at solutions, includingexchangeof informationamongstitsmembers.
s Educate members on provisions of various central and state enactments and their amendments through seminars, meetings,
exhibitions etc.
s Promote and accelerate the growth of the Construction Chemicals industry in India by collecting and disseminating statistical
and technical information and creating awareness to maintain high standards among users.
s Be a constructive forum to communicate with governmental bodies/ Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other Commercial,
Industrial and Public bodies within or outside India to promote the objectives of the Association.
s To establish a just, equitable standard / practices in the manufacture of Construction Chemicals, Trade and Commerce. To
regulate the conduct and practice of Construction Chemicals trade and manufacture.
s Stand out as a body to continuously impart awareness amongst construction chemicals manufacturers to maintain high standards
and business ethics for the benefit of end users. Achieve this through continuous education in the field of construction
chemicals by means of training and upgrading the skills of personnel by Organizing Workshops, Conferences, Lectures, Seminars,
Disseminating Information through Periodicals or Journals, Books, Institution of Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, and
Encouraging research studies.
s To subscribe to become a member of or otherwise affiliate or cooperate with any other body in India or elsewhere with which the
Association has common interest to establish, cooperate with, or receive into the association or otherwise assist any Association
or accept affiliation of any other association having objectives similar to those of Association.
s To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary and conducive to the Manufacture, and Development of trade and
Commerce in relation to or Incidental to the Construction Chemicals Industry, in the promotion or attainment, or in the overall
interest of the objectives of association.